IE-Block-Block 2.0.-The-strength-of-beauty

Block 2.0. The strength of beauty

Block 2.0 is a product that stands out for its great technical characteristics: extremely resistant and hard wearing, it was designed to meet the highest standards, without compromising on the beauty of its appearance. Designed for the most demanding floors,... [Read more]


Mechanical strength of ceramic tiles: an index not to be underestimated

What is strength For ceramic porcelain stoneware floor tiles, bending strength is the perfect indicator of mechanical strength. It is associated to the force by which a tile responds when subjected to stress which can break it. It is a... [Read more]

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

The top “business and industrial park” in Australia Just outside Melbourne, there’s an extraordinary place: a park designed by four of the top names in architecture, in which business requirements and the elements offered by the landscape come together to... [Read more]