Kronos for Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo: 5-stars design!!

Kronos is capable of interpreting the client’s design requests. Kronos took care of the design and, in collaboration with Studio Contract, has conceived a regeneration of the spaces proposing diversified ad hoc solutions: The architectural project consists in the modernization... [Read more]

New decorative elements for Les Bois

Unique projects with geometric shapes and customized patchworks Les Bois is the collection with which Kronos Ceramiche reinvents the look of wood-effect porcelain stoneware, with a design of minimalist elegance and a high degree of materiality. In addition to the... [Read more]

Block 2.0. The strength of beauty

Block 2.0 is a product that stands out for its great technical characteristics: extremely resistant and hard wearing, it was designed to meet the highest standards, without compromising on the beauty of its appearance. Designed for the most demanding floors,... [Read more]

Mechanical strength of ceramic tiles: an index not to be underestimated

What is strength For ceramic porcelain stoneware floor tiles, bending strength is the perfect indicator of mechanical strength. It is associated to the force by which a tile responds when subjected to stress which can break it. It is a... [Read more]

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

The top “business and industrial park” in Australia Just outside Melbourne, there’s an extraordinary place: a park designed by four of the top names in architecture, in which business requirements and the elements offered by the landscape come together to... [Read more]

Kronos Ceramiche brings a new slant to style by teaming stone with wood

THE BERNINI PROJECT² IN TURIN Bernini² is an architectural project created in Piazza Bernini² in Turin, a restyling of a 1950s villa designed by the architects from Milan Asnago and Vender and the construction of a new building with eight... [Read more]

Pool: made to measure, with a natural beach effect

A Tailor-Made project Baia Holiday Cavallino, a tourist facility on the coast of Jesolo that opened in 2017, is a water park with a slide area and a wellness area with large whirlpool tubs. Kronos presents a type of operation... [Read more]

Kronos took part in the installation ‘The wellness cloud’.

Design and naturalistic value It ‘s a unique work in the world both for its design and for the naturalistic value in the heart of the Dolomites. It has been realized thanks to the collaboration with QC Terme Dolomiti and its... [Read more]