Kronos for Hotel Esplanade Tergesteo: 5-stars design!!

Kronos is capable of interpreting the client’s design requests. Kronos took care of the design and, in collaboration with Studio Contract, has conceived a regeneration of the spaces proposing diversified ad hoc solutions: The architectural project consists in the modernization... [Read more]

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

The top “business and industrial park” in Australia Just outside Melbourne, there’s an extraordinary place: a park designed by four of the top names in architecture, in which business requirements and the elements offered by the landscape come together to... [Read more]

Kronos in Denmark. Selected by Norm Architects

In the heart of Copenaghen Norm Architects, the famous architectural studio located in Copenaghen and leader in the field of building design, has chosen Kronos as an ideal partner for the realization of this Nordic style home. The essential In... [Read more]

Kronos took part in the installation ‘The wellness cloud’.

Design and naturalistic value It ‘s a unique work in the world both for its design and for the naturalistic value in the heart of the Dolomites. It has been realized thanks to the collaboration with QC Terme Dolomiti and its... [Read more]