Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

The top “business and industrial park” in Australia

Just outside Melbourne, there’s an extraordinary place: a park designed by four of the top names in architecture, in which business requirements and the elements offered by the landscape come together to create a unique urban project: Caribbean Park, the aim of which is to recover and expand an urban building complex while safeguarding the environment and indeed giving it a central role to play.
This innovative, ambitious project won the award for “Best Business or Industrial Park” at the PCA 2018 (Property Council Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards).

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

Key role for Ceramiche Kronos

When it came to choosing the materials for the project, the four architects opted for porcelain stoneware by Kronos Ceramiche, for its ability to team technical performance with style in a design product with high quality standards.

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

Top names in architecture for a visionary project

The park was designed by four of the top experts in business property, architecture and landscape architecture.
CBRE, PRA Architects, Jacobs Architects and Oculus share the Spooner Family’s commitment to this general plan and to the creation of a new benchmark facility unlike any other in Australia.
This truly visionary business park will gradually offer 40 commercial buildings over 188 hectares of green areas that will stretch out around Lake Caribbean, a resource already present in the area.


Sustainability is the key word of this master plan that was established and has been developed in accordance with the guidelines for the urban planning and architectural reorganisation of living areas or areas of significant cultural or landscape interest.

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

Stoneware paving by Kronos

Caribbean Park is a place where nature and buildings coexist smoothly, and the wood-concrete porcelain stoneware mix by Kronos is perfect for this objective.

The decision to use Kronos Ceramiche porcelain stoneware for the outside walls and paving was based on the awareness that our ceramic paving boasts high technical standards that make it ideal for public places with heavy foot traffic.
In this surprising architectural project for sustainable urban planning, the large porcelain stoneware slabs by Kronos were also used for the indoor floors and walls.


Detail of the Kronos collections used in the project

Outside walls and paving

Collection ske 2.0
Size 20×120, color: cemento, nut e oak

Inside walls and paving

Collection woodside
Size 20×120, color: nut and oak

Collection prima materia
Size 20×120, color: cemento

Kronos coverings for Caribbean Park

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