Kronos took part in the installation ‘The wellness cloud’.

Design and naturalistic value

It ‘s a unique work in the world both for its design and for the naturalistic value in the heart of the Dolomites. It has been realized thanks to the collaboration with QC Terme Dolomiti and its artistic director Alessandro Bolis.

Sleep in a cloud

A room located in the thermal park of the QC Terme Dolomiti, surrounded by the Fassa forests, where the transparent walls allow you to admire the colour of the sky and the profiles of the mountains.


High-quality materials

Inside of “The wellness cloud” you find the refined materials that identify KRONOS as an ideal partner for the realization of design spaces.

Kronos-all-interno de-La-nuvola-del-Benessere-01Kronos-all-interno de-La-nuvola-del-Benessere-interno-doccia-01
Kronos-all-interno de-La-nuvola-del-Benessere-pavimento-02


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