Porcelain Stoneware planks 240cm long, an exclusive novelty/innovation.

We are previewing on the blog the latest innovation created by Kronos Ceramiche, the new size of the 240×30 decking, the porcelain stoneware in 18 mm thick.

Deckway, the new frontier in the dimensions of ceramic stoneware

The Kronos technological revolution presents an important innovation in the high-performance sector for outdoor flooring.
The Kronos slabs in porcelain stoneware for outdoor are now available in a new and extraordinary size with 30×240 planks, and 18 mm thick.
This new technology allowed us to reach the aesthetic and especially the typical dimensions of the wood planks.

Thanks to the exceptional length of 240 cm, the Kronos system/process finally allows to create outdoor flooring in porcelain stoneware with the typical decking laying method, in parallel installations. Besides the natural beauty of the material, we can also add the exceptional resistance and reliability of the Kronos stoneware, for a true weatherproof aesthetic.

The 18 mm thick slab is a modular tile for the outdoor areas, it’s perfect for raised floors and dry installations.
It is furthermore a green product, recreating the warmth of wood and respecting nature at the same time.

The 240×30 size, until just an year ago appeared to be technically unattainable. The Kronos technological expertise, constantly implementing the research of new architectural solutions, allowed us to reach this goal.

Area+, the new frontier in the raised platform field

Innovative and versatile, also for plank installation and multi-format.

The exclusive raised floor system for the Kronos outdoor Area+ broadens the potential applications and facilitates the creation of new installation configurations, through a functional slatted substructure.
Perfect for the decking laying method in the 30×240, Area+ offers various advantages:

  • It facilitates tremendously the multi-format laying of the raised platform, saving also time and costs of man labor
  • It makes the raised platform method in the reduced width formats possible (even in the 20 cm planks).
  • Optimizes the costs of the substructure.
  • Maintains the inspection of the interspace and the possibility of removing the slabs.



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